Beyond that, the devices are indistinguishable. This means that setting up the wireless headset on these devices is as easy as plugging in a USB stick. Once everything is powered up and connected, the headsets just work. Another aspect that enables enjoyment without lots of planning is the impressive battery. Lots of headsets are starting to see north of 12 hours of battery life, and both the and X surpass that range easily. They pump out thumping bass through their 50mm audio drivers without losing a lot of the detail you want on the high ends. I also think both headsets have really nice microphones for a wireless headset. If you are at all familiar with the gaming-headset space, you probably know that the wireless options tend to skimp on the voice quality due to a combination of a shoddy radio signal and cheap mics.

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Does it live up to its comfort potential? Read on to find out! Experience crystal clear game and chat audio using the latest intelligent, channel-hopping technology for interference-free wireless gaming. Superhuman Hearing – Offers players a competitive advantage by allowing them to hear soft sounds like enemy footsteps sneaking up from behind and weapon reloads off in the distance.

Mic Monitoring lets players hear their own voice in the headset to avoid shouting at teammates and other players when shouting isn’t required.

This smartphone doesn’t offer a built-in mm port. To listen to calls or music using a headset, the following alternatives are available: use a bluetooth headset connect the USB Type-C to mm adapter (follow the instructions below) Using the supplied adapter, connect to the USB Type-C port on.

That itself is a massive plus point given that most headsets are one platform or the other, especially when it comes to the current crop of consoles. The main reason behind this is the universal 3. You see, connecting the 3. The newer Xbox One pads do, thanks to having a 3. It is the main selling point after all!

The SuperAmp gives you control over six key options, four of which are volume, virtual surround sound level, mic monitoring levels and bass boost. You simply adjust these options by the scroll wheel on the side, stopping when you hear the beep for minimum or maximum. The standard output without this option enabled is good, but this just makes it that bit better. It goes without saying, but every game sounded better with the headset. Not all of them benefitted from the Superhuman Hearing, mainly Rise of the Tomb Raider, but that could be down to personal preference.

I preferred to hear slightly less given the nature of the game, if that makes sense! Either way, you can tweak all the options with Superhuman Hearing on too, so you can get the audio exactly how you like before you start playing. Testing it with the latter actually surprised me, working really well with the Skype app.

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By Will Smith on Aug. Gaming headsets get a bad rap from audiophiles. To find out of that’s warranted, Will tested 7 headsets, designed for us on PC, Xbox , and PlayStation 3 Tweet Gaming headsets have a bad rap amongst anyone who likes good quality audio. These days, headsets aren’t just for PC gamers, either.

How to Hook an iPhone to a Traditional Projector Share on Facebook When you’re ready to listen to that important business presentation or audio file, you can connect a headset to your computer to listen to the files rather than using external speakers.

Well, if they are anything like mine all you have to do is connect it via USB and it they should be recognized if they were made to work with pc as well. Otherwise they just simply wont work. No, it isn’t being picked up by my netbook at all but considering they were bloody advertised to be compatible with both the xbox and PC one would assume that the damn headsets would at least have a freaking guide for PC connection but nope, the quick setup guide Try connecting the USB and the audio jack on the headsets to the pc at the same time.

They may only be getting power from the USB and need the jack to transfer audio signals. If that doesn’t work then I guess they just aren’t meant to be connected to pc. With an adapter like this: I know that i would need to convert the 2. I’ll try these methods of help and thanks soooo much for helping me with me troubles you’ve been a great help No problem, good luck getting it to work!

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Turtle Beach front wireless headset has been a standout in this market place for awhile now, mainly simply because they give high quality enhanced gaming headsets at quite affordable prices. In this Turtle Beach headset review we take a look at the Ear Drive X31s an superb option for gamers on a spending budget. I lastly bought this headset when I located them at a cut price cost on the internet, and man I am genuinely happy I did!

This digital wi-fi headset characteristics: When they initial arrived I performed Gears of War2 in horde manner…quickly the audio high quality blew me absent. I could hear a boomer from throughout the map in courtyard, and the explosions ended up so intensive I could really feel them!

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Headset (Xbox ) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. My only other minor reservation is regarding the Xbox controller hook-up lead, which is VERY lightweight. Turtle Beach Ear Force XL1 [FOR XBOX ONLY] by Turtle Beach.

Most of these problems can be resolved through troubleshooting, keeping you from having to fork over the cash for another nice headset or having to revert back to the headset that came with your gaming console. Disconnect some other unnecessary USB devices from the computer and then try using the headset. The headset’s power supply may be damaged or not up to the task of handling the power demands of both the computer and the headset, even with no other USB devices connected. Check the computer’s power supply for signs of physical damage, and also check the specifications on the power supply to see if it can handle the power needs of both the PC and the headset.

If it can’t, consider upgrading the PC’s power supply. If the headset is connected to a PC, this means ensuring the green connector is plugged in firmly to the headphone jack on the PC, and if you’re connecting the headset to a gaming console, this means ensuring the red and white audio cables are firmly connected to the correct audio outputs on the audio source and that those cables are firmly connected to the green connector on the headset’s primary cable.

If you’re encountering this problem listening to audio in a program on your computer, ensure that the balance output of the program is set to play in both the left and right channels and not just one channel.

Turtle beach xl1 mic will not work

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Customers also considered. Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset with Amplified Stereo Sound and Microphone (Xbox $ Turtle Beach Ear. Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Xbox PS4. The Ear Force X12 was (Be sure to check you PS4 settings as described in .

Turtle Beach, a leader in premium gaming headsets and audio entertainment accessories, today announced its new Ear Force DX11 7. This dynamic duo delivers a rich and immersive surround sound experience with full chat support during Xbox or PC gaming and while enjoying movies, TV and music. DX11 users playing games and watching movies on their game consoles will actually hear the 7.

Visually compatible with the Ear Force X31 and X41 wireless headsets, the X11 sports a black and white design motif with circum-aural ear cups, a deep-cushioned headband and long, adjustable boom mic. For added comfort, the ear cups have been made larger with deep fabric-mesh cushions that sit comfortably around the ears, allowing for enhanced game play for longer periods of time. An extra-long foot cable makes it easy to move around the room while playing Xbox games.

Variable bass boost to enhance the sound of explosions, gunshots and additional deep bass effects to increase the realism of games and movies; Large, acoustically-tuned ear cups with 40mm drivers produce superior audio with deep bass for all types of games, digital music, and entertainment. This enables digital sources to be connected to devices such as home theater receivers via standard stereo analog audio connections; Front panel USB pass-thru that allows other USB devices to be connected for power or data, eliminating the need for a power adapter and reducing the number of USB ports needed in a gaming or entertainment setup.

How To Set Up Turtle Beach Ear Force X32

This wireless headset will give users a gaming advantage by experiencing superior and clear sound for hearing footsteps and gun battles for games like Call of Duty or Battlefield on PS4, PS3 or Xbox It will also let users experience movies in a similar environment as a theater all through a headset. The Ear Force PX4 lets users enjoy gaming, movies and music comfortably through a realistic audio experience. The reason to get the Ear Force PX4 is that Turtle Beach headsets have always been on the forefront of gaming for their audio technology and thirty-five years of audio experience.

They are dedicated on providing the perfect gaming headset that delivers pristine audio, wireless functions, sound customization, and much more to improve the gaming experiences of their customers.

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Hopefully the new headset from Turtle Beach can resolve this. Gaming is big business and competitive gaming is right at the heart of it for many of us, be that eSports or just teaming up with a few friends for a couple of rounds on Battlefield on an evening. Nothing will improve your game more than practice, but having the right peripherals for the job can massively improve the quality of your experience, or at least give you an extra edge over your opponents. A good quality headset can be an immersive experience and being able to clearly communicate with your team mates is often vital when playing competitively.

Then crank up your tunes from music services like Xbox Music or Skype with friends! The packaging is nicely designed with a stylish image of the headset on the front of the box, as well as a quick run-down of some of the major features, including the large 50mm drivers, volume mixer and mobile support. The headset comes nicely packaged with plenty of protection around the major components. Aside from the headset its self you will find a detachable boom microphone, controller attachment, a micro USB cable and a small box which contains a few documents on warranty, set up and support.

How To Connect Turtle Beach XL1 to TV