Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Internet use is increasing, with “silver surfers” spending more time online than younger users, it has emerged. Meanwhile, the average time spent watching television and listening to the radio dipped over the past year. Silver surfers aged 65 and over spend on average 42 hours a month online – more than any other group of internet users, communications regulator Ofcom said. Around 16 per cent of people in this age group use the internet, while the over s account for 30 per cent of all time spent online by people in the UK. The net saw a per cent surge in average daily usage between and , while TV and radio dipped four per cent and two per cent respectively, according to Ofcom’s UK Communications Market report. Average internet use across all age groups last year was 36 minutes per day, TV viewing still greatly exceeded this at an average three hours 36 minutes per day – despite the four per cent drop since Radio listening dropped by two per cent over the same period to two hours and 50 minutes per day on average. A quarter of all UK internet users are aged 50 and over, according to Ofcom’s report.

Digital news and silver surfers

Are you a silver surfer, senior single or just looking to meet older single Christians in their over-forties, over fifties or sixty plus? Like we once did — even in Christian circles — we no longer value the wisdom that older age brings as something vital to society and a yardstick for our younger generations. Older people have now been sidelined not only by society at large and the media but by government to so one of my personal aims is to eventually, somehow using the revenue that my websites generate at the moment not that much!

For now, try the services that cater — some specifically — others broadly for older single Christian folk over 40, 50 and 60 plus listed below.

[Related Story: What Silver Surfers can teach us about online dating] But silver surfers are also increasingly using the internet for catch-up TV and daily money-saving deals. Valerie Rowe, 73, recently took her first steps online with a course at her local library in Cornwall.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. This is just not so, although we have previously had some interesting debate on YEI about the pros and cons of Facebook. World Wide Worx, the SA research house, recently released studies showing that South African over s are fast discovering the benefits of social media.

Silver surfers love looking at age-related topics such as healthcare, travel, financial concerns — and another interesting find — online dating. The two most visited social media sites by seniors are Facebook and YouTube. Twitter is another popular site for seniors, mostly because it is quick and has a maximum character limit of

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So we have been quietly and confidentially bringing couples together for many years, way before the advent of internet dating in the UK and have enjoyed many successes in Somerset. We offer a credible alternative, firstly, we are an off-line members only agency and secondly all of our members are personally interviewed, ID checked and vetted. We do not take married people or people still living with a previous partner under any circumstances.

Your membership would revolve around our Personal Matchmakers, they will get to know you and your hopes and aspirations for a new relationship. The dynamic feedback mechanism we deploy is also very important, as it deepens our relationship with you and our understanding of what you are looking for.

The silver surfers are now able to log on to the Brighton and Hove and Worthing versions of the online community for the overs, which discusses topics as diverse as sex and suicide.

Jenine Abdo Figures from the Office of National Statistics have found that the numbers of pensioners choosing to divorce have doubled in the last 10 years. So why is this? And might we see greater numbers of ‘silver surfers’ choosing online dating? The data also shows that men and women are equally as likely to instigate the divorce. The dating website eHarmony have said that older men and women have different reasons for divorce, they said men may be divorcing because of a “delayed midlife crisis”, whereas for women, they believe it is the “result of empty nest syndrome”.

Jenine Abdo, voices her view: New research has also found that divorce doesn’t affect your health, just as long as you find someone else. With evidence showing that moving on could actually be good for your health, we could see more ‘silver surfers’ deciding to try online dating.

Silver surfers: Over 60s the fastest growing group to tap into online dating

Jack Kirby; Created The Silver Surfer as Marvel Comic character in The everyday wisdom is that although silver surfers are catching up, the kings and queens of new technologies are the under 30s, in the main. And if, somehow, they do send an email, order something online, download a pdf file and open it…. Of course for some older people, to do that would be a big achievement.

A SPECIAL week of events aimed at getting the overs online takes place in Cynon Valley libraries this month. Silver Surfers’ Week is being held across the UK to promote the internet as a life.

New wave of silver surfers: What they do online Library picture Published: And a report last night suggests the internet revolution is still turning. Older people are now more active than ever on social media sites like Facebook and are increasingly turning to tablets and smartphones instead of computers, Ofcom figures show.

However, many who use Facebook and Twitter to share links and information admit to not fully reading the content beforehand. The first generation of older surfers took to PCs because of the ease of using email to communicate with friends and family. In the figure stood at less than one in five. Other online services have yet to find an audience among older users, the report found.

Global Personals launches ‘Silver Surfer’ dating network

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The rise of the Silver Surfer and the ‘offline’ generation. Alice MacGregor Thu 12 Mar sharing knitting and golfing tips, and using online dating platforms following the bereavement of a spouse. by Age UK. As this proportion of people dramatically rises, it would seem logical to embrace the wave of silver-surfers, as well as.

Not only are you much better at judging other people, but you also know yourself much better. The same goes when choosing your profile photo. Honesty is always the best policy. You may find that the things you want from a partner now are very different to the things you were looking for when you were younger. Step outside your comfort zone If you feel emotionally ready to start online dating, why wait?

Friends and grown-up children can be a great source of support and a good judge of character! Embrace as many opportunities as possible; it may be nerve-wracking at first, but the reality of dating in your 50s will be much easier than you imagine. Relax and focus on meeting new people and having new adventures. Chris 56 who met his partner Lorriane online at eharmony adds: With my partner Lorraine, I knew that she loved good food because her son is a top chef so I took her out to a really lovely restaurant that she really appreciated.

We then went to a bar and danced and chatted and had the best night. By our third meeting I had proposed because I just knew she was the woman for me!

Christian Dating Sites & Services for Older People

Senior citizens want their own social networking sites. Marilyn Carroll, 61, says her peers want jokes, movie reviews, book recommendations and recipes. They also want to make new friends and reconnect with old ones, but refuse to plod through complicated instructions with unfamiliar terminology. Carroll; her husband, Mel; and friend, Steve Greenbaum, are the creators of a new senior networking site, Genkvetch , in honor of the generation that “kvetches,” a Yiddish word meaning complains, whines or nags.

Our free dating site and matrimonial service is a safe place to meet meet single Christian men and women from different UK ethnic groups – Asian, black Christian singles, Latin American, Spanish, Filipino, widowers, single parents, professionals, born again and Catholic Christian singles (see our international Christian singles services).

Silver surfers riding the digital wave! You shouldn’t have to know all about beta programs, HTML and cookies to enjoy the benefits of computers, just as you don’t need to understand sump assemblies in order to wash your clothes. Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Steven Russell You shouldn’t have to know all about beta programs, HTML and cookies to enjoy the benefits of computers, just as you don’t need to understand sump assemblies in order to wash your clothes.

But jargon abounds and it helps if someone can lead you through the fog. I’ve no issues with using those sorts of tools at all, but put me in front of a computer and it’s ‘Oh my god, what have I done now?

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Are silver surfers more health savvy? By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more Why Arnold Schwarzenegger changed his workouts at age 71 “Older people who use the internet … may be better equipped to keep on top of their health,” BBC News reports. A survey found regular internet use in older people was associated with good health literacy.

Homicide detective Louise Rick chases a terrifying serial rapist who meets women on a popular online dating website in this fast-paced #1 internationally bestselling thriller from Sara Blaedel, whose books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Silver Surfer, Vol. 2: .

The internet has been hailed as one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. Thanks to this useful technology, you can work, shop and keep in touch with your friends without ever leaving the comfort of your home. However, the internet also has a dark side. There are all manner of nasty threats lurking about in cyberspace, from hackers and identity thieves to viruses and malware.

Any of these threats pose a serious risk to both your computer and the personal information stored therein. It is therefore advisable to put in place measures to safeguard your online security. Internet security and all it entails can be a confusing business, especially to silver surfers senior citizens who are vulnerable to attacks by malicious computer viruses and anonymous hackers.

Viruses are malicious, rogue computer programs that can infect your computer, damaging your files or slowing down your machine. Other viruses also spy on your internet activity and later send valuable data, such as credit card information or passwords, to their operators. In order to beat viruses, you need to learn ways to secure your information as well as your computer. Some of the best ways to address this issue are covered below:

Silver surfers: Couple in their 80s get married after meeting online