These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionNorthern Ireland’s hidden treasure More than 40 objects found across Northern Ireland between and have been officially categorised as “treasure” by a coroner. The items include a variety of precious rings, jewellery and Viking coins. They were found by members of the public through metal-detecting, as well as by archaeologists on excavation. After examination both by the coroner and the British Museum, some of the treasured items are now being held at the Ulster Museum in Belfast. In Northern Ireland, any search for archaeological material that involves disturbing the ground requires a licence in advance from the Department for Communities’ Historic Environment Division HED. Anyone finding an object they think may be archaeological must also report the find to the National Museum, HED or the PSNI within 14 days of either the date of the find or when they establish that the object may be archaeological. According to the Treasure Act, items must be more than years old. They must have a certain amount of precious metal, normally gold or silver.

These incredible metal detector finds will make you want to start digging

Relics from the Stone Age lead to the conclusion that Ireland is 8, years old, the first settlers probably traveling from Scandinavia to Scotland at that time England was still linked by land to northern Europe then across what was a narrow sea gap to Ireland. Today’s Irish Race is a combination of the three-above mentioned tribes known as the one Celtic Race.

The large Roman Empire stopped short of Ireland although dominating most of Europe. The Vikings began invasions of Ireland in the 9th Century. In King Henry of England asserted sovereignty with the building of abbey-churches and castles. By the mid century, the first plantation policy took effect which led to redistribution of wealth and suppression of Catholicism.

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I have gathered information on Trunks over the last few years and this information is free and for research use only. Trunks date back to pre-medieval times. They were made in many shapes and sizes and from various materials. They were made of various woods and covered with hides such as deer, horse or cowhide. In the s the hide covered trunks continued and became a little more ornamented with handmade brass tacks, forged iron locks and handles and leather trim.

In the late s and early s round trunks became popular. Looking at them from the end they appear round, with a small flat base.

The mysteries of Ireland’s burial mounds

Digging into the past reveals Cork settled much earlier than thought Monday, January 29, – One of a sequence of house floors dating from to The dog-leg angle found by archaeologists is visible just below and left of centre of this map of Cork City. It got planning permission in for the wider project, but funding uncertainties and plans for changes to the mix of uses have seen little construction work, although moves on the student accommodation zone has started in recent weeks.

The requirement for deeper excavations for a basement car park in that area of the site meant the archaeologists got a rare opportunity to dig to some of the deepest layers.

During the last glacial period, and up until about 10, BC, most of Ireland was periodically covered in ice. Sea levels were lower and Ireland, like Great Britain, formed part of continental 16, BC, rising sea levels due to ice melting caused Ireland to become separated from Great Britain. Later, around BC, Great Britain itself became separated from continental Europe.

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It was led by Richard de Clare , called Strongbow due to his prowess as an archer. In , Henry arrived in Ireland in order to review the general progress of the expedition. He wanted to re-exert royal authority over the invasion which was expanding beyond his control. Henry successfully re-imposed his authority over Strongbow and the Cambro-Norman warlords and persuaded many of the Irish kings to accept him as their overlord, an arrangement confirmed in the Treaty of Windsor.

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Replies to questions sent to the society Q. I recently inherited some pewter items and would like to know more about them. Within this website, there is information on British and Irish pewter with some illustrations and a glossary of terms. There is also a bibliography of books and publications on all aspects of pewter; a number are available for sale through the Society and others can be obtained through your local Public Library in the UK and in other countries.

Examples of pewter-ware can be viewed at several locations in the UK and Ireland and at a number of museums and collections in other countries. Many of these are listed and have specialists who may assist.

Metal Dating Ireland

This extensive coinage became the model for many of the crude copies produced by the Celts of Germany, France and Southern England. There is no evidence that the Celts in Ireland struck their own copies of this currency but the English and continental coins are occasionally found in Ireland. The Roman conquest of Europe extended to England but not fully to Ireland although an encampment north of Dublin was briefly established in the first century AD.

Roman coins are found in an Irish context but mostly mixed with other ornaments and hack silver indicating that the coinage was not acknowledged as a medium of exchange at a set value but rather as another piece of precious metal to be assayed at every exchange. In support of this theory it is interesting to note that the Roman coins found in Ireland are most often of silver or gold and rarely the copper pieces which are found in large quantities in the rest of ‘Roman Europe’.

During the ‘Dark Ages’ in Europe, after the fall of the Roman empire, few coins were in use in Ireland on the basis of the hoard evidence.

McLoughlin was born on 7 February , in County Offaly, Ireland. His mother is Aideen McLoughlin (b. ) and is Roman Catholic. He is the youngest of five siblings, having two older sisters and two older brothers, one of whom is Malcolm, a writer. He was the former drummer of an indie heavy-metal band named Raised to the Ground.

Comments Things to do in Ireland before you die: Dingle Peninsula, Blasket Islands, County KerryiStock While we could name 1, things to do before you die in Ireland we could name a 1, just in Northern Ireland alone , here are the top ten things to do in the Emerald Isle before you pass. We’ve all seen or heard about the movie where Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play two old codgers who decide on a bucket list of things to do before they die.

Here is our best shot at an Irish bucket list of places you might want to see before heading into the wild blue yonder. Slea Head drive, Dingle, County Kerry Watch the majestic Atlantic sweep in and see the sun’s rays glance off the towering mountains and witness scenes unchanged for centuries. Watch as the little fishing boats make their way to the sea and the early morning stillness is broken only by the seagulls’ cries. In the distance see the starkly beautiful Blasket Islands. Slea Head, Dingle Peninsula, Co.

Stroll down Dublin’s Grafton Street on a Saturday morning near Christmas All of Dublin comes alive with buskers, street artists, bustling crowds. School kids sing Christmas hymns, the festive fare is everywhere and all is well with the world. Grafton Street at night. Photo by Miguel Mendez. See the little church where his family worshiped and feel the presence of the great master.

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Precellentem pro merito Magno in numdi circulo. In our island of Hibernia Christ was made known to man by the very great miracles which he performed through the happy virgin of celestial life, famous for her merits through the whole world. The sixth Life of the saint printed by Colgan is attributed to Coelan, an Irish monk of the eighth century, and it derives a peculiar importance from the fact that it is prefaced by a foreword from the pen of St.

Donatus, also an Irish monk , who became Bishop of Fiesole in Donatus refers to previous lives by St. Brigid was attended by St. Ninnidh, who was ever afterwards known as “Ninnidh of the Clean Hand” because he had his right hand encased with a metal covering to prevent its ever being defiled, after being he medium of administering the viaticum to Ireland’s Patroness. She was interred at the right of the high altar of Kildare Cathedral, and a costly tomb was erected over her.

In after years her shrine was an object of veneration for pilgrims , especially on her feast day , 1 February, as Cogitosus related. About the year , owing to the Scandinavian raids, the relics of St. Brigid were taken to Downpatrick, where they were interred in the tomb of St. The relics of the three saints were discovered in , and on 9 June of the following year were solemnly translated to a suitable resting place in Downpatrick Cathedral, in presence of Cardinal Vivian, fifteen bishops , and numerous abbots and ecclesiastics.

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Marked by the inscription “WMF” or “W. Note the special shape of the “F” letter. The length of “WMF” or “W. One of the earliest WMF marks, used from until around

2. Newgrange is known as a brugh, or brú, which is sometimes translated as mansion. But the old Irish word for womb is Brú and so, Brú na Bóinne may actually be more correctly translated as Womb of the Moon, or Womb of the Bright Cow.

Ireland was covered in trees and these first people lived by hunting, fishing and gathering, moving from place to place and building campsites like the one you see here. They caught fish, sometimes using beautifully woven fishtraps, and hunted birds and animals for meat, especially wild pigs. They also collected nuts, berries, wild apples and all kinds of seeds. They spread widely throughout Ireland, following rivers inland and travelling down the coast.

Their way of life was so successful that it lasted, virtually unchanged, for years. Around years ago, the first farming communities appear in Ireland. They began to clear farmland from the forests, planting wheat and keeping cattle, sheep,goats and pigs. This period is known as the Neolithic, or New Stone Age. This also meant that they tended to stay in the same place for much longer.

They had learnt to make pottery, which was useful for cooking and storing food and drink. Farming started in the Near East about years ago and over the next years the idea spread from there all across Europe. Groups of farming families moved with it, while some hunter-gatherer communities began to settle down and farm themselves. New people must have come toIrelandat this time as none of these new crops and animals except pigs are native to this country, while their houses and pottery are like those used by farmers elsewhere inEurope.

Their houses were quite different to what existed earlier:

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Things to do in Ireland before you die: Kildare Street Exterior – National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. Source: National Museum of Ireland.

Contact Privacy Policy Terms of Use In Northern Ireland, Getting Past the Troubles A decade after Protestants and Catholics agreed on a peace treaty, both sides are adjusting to a hopeful new reality In a once strife-torn Belfast neighborhood where murals today dramatize a message of hope , reconciliation is taking hold. Even so, says Father Aidan Troy, formerly of a Belfast parish, progress must be nurtured day by day: That night, Browne says, he handed over a cache of weapons to fellow members of a Catholic paramilitary unit.

The gunmen whom he had supplied pulled up to a row house where Douglas McElhinney, 42, a former officer in the Ulster Defense Regiment—the Northern Ireland branch of the British Army—was visiting a friend. As McElhinney was about to drive away, a member of the hit squad killed him with a sawed-off shotgun. For his role in the murder, Browne, now 49, was sentenced to life. He spent more than 13 years behind bars.

Then, in September , he was released under a settlement signed by Britain and the Republic of Ireland: At first, Browne had difficulties adjusting to the outside world. He was terrified to cross streets because he couldn’t judge the speed of cars. He had also lost social skills.

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