Descansa en paz donde quiera que estes amigo. Even if I dont knew him I sure do miss him. I hope we get to hear the last song’s that he made. I am so sorry that he didnt get help he needed so much. He will never be forgotten. Every time i think to your story I feel sad and disappointed, you did’nt diserve what has happened.

Meet The Nominees For Best Rap Performance

Vrinda Jagota 13 June California-based indie-rock band HAIM recently fired their agent after learning that they played at a festival where a male performer was paid 10 times more than them. In an interview with Grazia magazine via NME , they said that they, “didn’t think twice” about playing at the festival because they were told it would help them get on the radio, but didn’t know about the pay difference at the time. The names of the festival and of the performer that was paid more than them were not mentioned in the interview.

Alana Haim, one of the members of the band, added that she is thankful for the bond between her and her sisters, who are also in the band, saying, “That’s why I love my sisters so much.

Luzern, Switzerland; Toulon, France; Dijon, France; Bengkulu, Indonesia; Mar Del Plata – Argentina.

The seven-time Grammy winner – who took a break from dating following her messy split from Harry Styles – is officially shaking off single life. Pals think the combo is perfect for the year-old. Explains the insider, “She’s finally with an older guy who’s worldly, smart and understands the industry. This is what she needed.

But it wasn’t until the Brit Awards that they, as the insider puts it, “connected big time. She texts him a lot. Harris returned the favor April 2 , escorting Swift to the group’s L. There, Swift introduced him to pal Jaime King , pregnant with the singer’s future godchild. They ended the night at her place. Out of the spotlight, the couple enjoy long walks in the park they strolled Nashville’s Radnor Lake State Park March 25 and discussing the biz.

Says the Swift insider: Swift has called herself an “awkward” teen, and Harris transformed from a nerdy beat master who once claimed he was not “trying to be a ….

Sunshine sisters lose their lustre – Haim, Something to Tell You, review

These three sisters from Los Angeles were raised in a family covers band originally playing with their parents under the name Rockinhaim , which explains their mastery of retro genres. In particular they draw on classic Californian pop rock Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Tom Petty and have perfected the art of the sleek, punchy, three-minute song adorned with hooks and harmonies. Something to Tell You has been years in the making — and sounds like it.

The songs have been pared down to catchy essentials, while the production has been dialled up to

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Even the guy busking outside for money to buy a ticket to see the show couldn’t contain his excitement to be able to witness Vance’s first solo tour. Since touring with Brisbane’s own favourite son Bernard Fanning recently Joy’s star has begun to rise and his following has swollen to much larger proportions.

The run away commercial success of single Rip Tide adding to the hype. Opening with “From Afar” a soft sweet piece to slowly introduce the fans to the evening. He proves that he is skilled with the guitar, however as a showman he is very quiet and subdued. He rarely speaks and when he does with his tendency to mumble is difficult to hear him.

Who Should You Date In HAIM?

Red Taylor Swift favorite TV show s? In Swift was named Billboard’s Woman of the Year. As of this writing, she is also the top-selling digital artist in music history. She was named after James Taylor, and her mother believed that if she had a gender neutral name it would help her forge a business career.

Singer/guitarist Danielle Haim (L) and singer/bassist Este Haim of Haim perform during the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 27,

A Call to Action: An Environmental Management Case Study Thomas Gebhardt, Kimberly Kaphingst, William DeJong March, “The Albany, New York, Committee on University and Community Relations used strategies based on an environmental management approach that focuses on changing the environment in which individuals make decisions about alcohol consumption and related behaviors. Committee initiatives included improving enforcement of local laws and ordinances, creating a safety-awareness campaign for off-campus students, and developing a comprehensive advertising and beverage-service agreement with local tavern owners.

Published By Heldref Publications, 18th St. Department of Education’s Safe and Drug Free Schools Program and published by the Communication and Health Issues Partnership for Education and Research CHI at Rutgers, advocates for students’ thinking to be taken into account in the terminology used when discussing the prevention of problematic drinking on college campuses. A College Case Study:

Este Haim: ‘I nearly died on Glastonbury stage’

Why or why not? I’m curious about this lol. I’ve googled tremendously and I just can’t seem to find it. This is what the guitar looks like if you want to see more photos of it to help me out just google ‘Este Haim Bass Guitar’ https: I’d like to get one for a good price, I love the way it’s styled and how it plays.

Este Haim Este Haim gives me life. The goddess of the bass & all round punny queen. The goddess of the bass & all round punny queen. #LEGGO personal acc @verityharris.

He begins every year by posing a question to his distinguished roster of authors and invited guests. Last year he asked what sort of counsel each would offer George W. Bush as the nation’s top science adviser. This time the question is “What’s your law? As a New Year’s exercise, he asked scores of leading thinkers in the natural and social sciences for “some bit of wisdom, some rule of nature, some law-like pattern, either grand or small, that you’ve noticed in the universe that might as well be named after you.

Brockman advises his would-be legislators to stick to the scientific disciplines. All of it obeys a set of codes It’s the thinker’s challenge to put words to these unwritten rules. Do so, and he or she may go down in history.

Nicola Coughlan, Eyal Brooker and Hozier ‘s our celeb winners and losers of the week

Apr 11, 8: Hozier performs at Coachella on Saturday. But the festival drafts stars carefully, upholding the idea of cool it’s cultivated over the last decade and a half. Some A-list acts fit in: That said, at least one silent-majority type sneaks onto the bill every year, the result, perhaps, of its being booked prior to the explosion of an uncool but unavoidable Top 40 hit.

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The 57th annual Grammy Awards will kick off Sunday at 8 p. ET on CBS, honoring the best music had to offer. So aside from the Beyonces and the Taylors, what names will you need to know? Here are some of the up-and-coming nominees and the awards they’re vying to win: Song of the Year Here’s a name people recognize yet struggle to pronounce: The Irish singer-songwriter released his debut album in , featuring the everywhere-right-now single “Take Me to Church,” a song he says grew out of his frustration with the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings on sexuality.

The track could win SOTY, though it hit the radio pretty late in Regardless, Hozier is set to perform at the awards alongside Annie Lennox, and he’s someone we’ll be hearing more of in the future. Clark released one one of the best albums of , and on top of that, she completely shreds on guitar. The bossy musician also collaborated on an album with David Byrne in , which gets her some industry cred.

HAIM Plays “What HAIM Is It?”